Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update on My AikiDino

After several weeks relying on the Solid State/Diode-based Rectification for B+ supply, which was a satisfactory experience, then with the great help from Pak Alex P of LJAudio (langsungjadi), I finally could enjoy the magical sound of Tube-based Rectification for My AikiDino!

The JAN 6x4 WA rectifier tube replaces the previous UF5407 bridged diodes.
And it truly leapfrogged my Aikido Preamp' performance to a higher level!!

What next? Hahahaha.. dunno yet... dunno yet...
I'm gonna just enjoy it sings beautifully, "working" hand-in-hand with my Monica3 Non OS DAC
(, my Lucky13 LM3886 based power amp, my JBL E-30 speakers,
feed with audio signal from my good ol' NAD C521BEE cd player...

Beautiful glows.....

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