Friday, July 31, 2009

AikiDino Preamp

Some pictures of my first-ever experience in DIY Tube: AikiDino, a tube pre-amp inspired by the famous Mr. John Broskie's -wonderfully sounding- Aikido design! Thanks Mr. Broskie!

I used two pairs of 6N1P-EV Russian tubes, feed with approximately 170VDC as B+ supply from a solid state rectifier PSU unit
(plan to change to hybrid tube + solid state rectifier soon)

Initial setting with Bennic XPP as the output coupling caps

Quite messy layout eh? Crammed in a small space...

Lately, I changed the output coupling cap from Bennic XPP to a combination of Russian Paper-in-Oil caps K42Y-2 (green color) and Clarity Cap SA series (red color) as per picture below...

Expect sound improvement ? .... Of course!!

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